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Dave Spillane

My motivation is not a lack of existing realtors...

Joining in a crowded dance floor never got in the way for the youngest of eleven kids. Born in Oak Park, IL, rooted just west of Chicago, Dave was always drawn towards the dance. Lucky enough to have 2 local publications (Oak Leaves and Wednesday Journal... both proudly still printing newsprint today) dripping with old school real estate ads, he'd rifle through upon delivery. In between playing kick-the-can, running bases, bike tag, wolf, freeze tag, alley basketball and wiffle ball on the stoop, Dave would study the real estate ads, creating his own "MLS" of the available square footage, complete with his opinions of the ask and such.


To further his appreciation, those said listings, the surrounding neighborhood homes, were rife with significance... not only architecturally but filled with family and community, served with a healthy dose of humanity and "it takes a village" mentality. Being the youngest of a large family (one of seven boys, all being flanked by four comfortable sisters), at a young age took on "home improvement", digging ditches and swinging hammers in elementary school, earning candy money and building a deeper appreciation of how these beautiful homes were built. The craftsmanship. The attention to detail. The uniqueness. The graciousness. The coziness. Each one deserving of the care to maintain and shine, securing their Next Chapter.

Today, the appreciation continues to grow. After decades of Big Business consultancy and Small Business ownership, Dave brings his love of architecture, interior design, and the overall want to build successful solutions for his clients, he awaits to help write your Next Chapter, penned in humanity. Whether buying or selling, condo-living, single family dwelling or large scale development, let Dave help fulfill your "white picket" dream. 

Next Chapter. Onward. Upward.

No Flight Required

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Dave Camp
Wiley Veteran
(aka Bossman)


Experience effectively delivered with care...

With over 25 years experience in the marketing and sales of real estate in the Chicago Metro and near suburban areas, Dave has received many professional designation awards from the Chicago and National Association of Realtors as well as Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Dave believes in the successes of a team environment, and with this in mind, founded the Chicago Real Estate Group, a service-oriented sales team within BHHS Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago.

The Chicago Real Estate Group believes in the success of a team environment, and strives to provide our clients with the utmost integrity and dedication to exemplary service. We are considered specialists on the lakefront both because of our extensive sales experience in this area as well as being local residents for over 25 years.

Licensed in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Florida, we now have expanded our reach to include Michigan's Harbor Country and the resort communities of South Florida’s Palm Beaches.

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